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Pleasuring a Pirate

This novella is part of the Ahoy! series from Ellora’s Cave.  I love the cover! It perfectly captures the setting and the characters and the mood–sexy and romantic. I think you can almost catch the salty tang of the sea on the breeze!

When Jenny Miller’s widowed mother becomes engaged to the father of Jenny’s ex-lover, Jenny is torn. She knows a renewal of her affair with Robert, her soon-to-be stepbrother, could jeopardize her mother’s marriage. But Robert was the sexiest, most commanding lover Jenny has had, and though he has a reputation as a heartbreaker, she yearns to get him back in bed.

When Robert plays the role of Pirate Blackwell in a video production, and Jenny plays the pirate’s wife, Robert’s passionate on-camera kiss sends Jenny’s libido into overdrive. Jenny is a dedicated lawyer who has prided herself on her self-control. But resisting the irresistible Robert? That’s a whole other case.


Roxanne’s Pirate

Roxanne’s Pirate is my first novel! Here’s the blurb:

Roxanne Cline promised her father she would seek revenge against his blackmailer, but seven years after her father’s death she still hasn’t kept her promise. Roxanne’s guilt has crippled her sex life until she stumbles on Carlos Delgado, who quickly proves he knows exactly how to set her free. This seductive businessman explores her erotic fantasies about a possessive pirate and turns them into stunning reality with Latin dancing, a bit of bondage and a passionate nature that is by turns tender and ferocious.

When Roxanne learns that John Murkley, her father’s blackmailer, ruined Carlos’ business partner and led to his fatal heroin overdose, she is guilt-stricken. She begs Carlos to help her bring Murkley to justice. But Carlos betrays Roxanne—Murkley’s right-hand man is killed and Carlos slips into place at Murkley’s side. Roxanne has to stop Murkley before he leaves more victims—even if she has to do it alone, even if she has to battle her sexy pirate.

You can buy it from the Ellora’s Cave website here.

I have to thank Mary, my wonderful editor at EC, for helping me polish this novel. Thank you Dar Albert for that beautiful cover! I was worried a bit about the cover because Carlos has a sexy black mustache (that’s just the way he popped into my mind) and I know there aren’t many (any?) romance heroes with mustaches but Dar found a very sexy guy.

Watercolorist’s Seduction

Watercolorist’s Seduction is my first stand alone short story. Here’s the blurb:

Sophia Kincaid is a destitute widow living on her aunt’s charity in the small village of Cransford, Massachusetts, at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Unlike her neighbors, who seem to be as morally rigid as their Puritan ancestors, Sophia is tormented by intense desires she tries to satisfy with vivid sexual fantasies. Her dream lover leaves her frustrated and yearning for a man of solid flesh and muscle.

Captain Stanhope hopes that quiet country living in Cransford will bring him relief from heartbreak. He hires Sophia to use her skill as a watercolorist to paint the fascinating objects in his collection.

Though he is overbearing and condescending, he is also irresistibly attractive, and Sophia craves his body. Her lust turns to love when she discovers the depth of his passions. But Captain Stanhope is happiness, Sophia will have to risk ruin and use her art to seduce him so that both can taste the pleasure they so desperately need.

You can buy it from a number of sites including Ellora’s CaveAmazon for Kindle,and  All Romance


Ellora’s Cave Cavemen Flavors of Ecstasy 2

There are six terrific stories in this anthology with my story “The Proper Wife” joining “Celtic Rhythm” by Ari Thatcher, “For the King’s Pleasure” by Cara Carnes, “Hell to Pay” by Kimberly Dean, “Touch of Lust” by Liddy Midnight, “With Sword and Salt” by B.J. McCall

Here is a description of “The Proper Wife”–

Elizabeth Warren is not happy with her handsome ship captain husband but doesn’t know what she’s missing until she spies a man and woman having torrid sex. How can she, a proper wife, rouse that kind of passion from her husband?

An unexpected and intense education from a whore allows Elizabeth to use her new skills to seduce her husband. But he is furious, convinced by her wantonness that she is unfaithful. He binds Elizabeth and takes her with an abandon that has her crying with pleasure. Now she must win back his trust.

You can buy the ebook or print edition from Ellora’s Cave.

Best of the Best Women’s Erotica 2

Edited by Violet Blue, published by Cleis Press

My story “The Bitch in His Head” first appeared in Best Women’s Erotica 2009.   I was honored that Violet Blue chose it for this Best of the Best anthology. Here’s her description of the stories in this anthology:

Lovingly handpicked by Violet Blue, these stories are erotic gems, polished to perfection by an expert in erotica. The Best of Women’s Erotica 2 is wildly sexy, super smart, and, highly readable. What makes an erotic story “best?” It has that something extra, and a good plot and characters that truly interest you and commands your interest during their trysts, triumphs, and erotic adventures. In the editor’s own words, ” The result of taking all five years’ final selections, over one hundred stories, and choosing the very best—the ones I couldn’t ever get out of my head, the ones that turned me (and others) on almost dangerously fast, like a match to gasoline—was worth the wait.”

As with most of my stories, the characters came to me before the plot. I had been thinking for awhile about what it would be like to have a relationship with a person afflicted by OCD. I read an article about a person who was not sexually active because her OCD incapacitated her but just filed this away for the future. Then I saw an episode of “Monk,” (I don’t watch much television, usually I stumble on programs my husband or kids are watching) and the idea gained some ground. What if the person with OCD had a terrific sex drive? How would he manage? How would his lover respond to his demands? Wouldn’t she get tired of them after awhile? The story developed from there. The idea for the “Bitch” came to me as I was writing. It was one of those Eureka! moments. Once I began to write, the story flowed. I didn’t want to do anything else for the three days I worked on it until it was finished (at 4 am). And when I was done, I hated to leave the characters.

You can purchase it in paperback at bookstores and in the Kindle format at Amazon.

My short story “The Blessing of Desire” appears in Maiden, Mother, Crone published by Drollerie Press.

Maiden Mother Crone: a collection of erotica from six talented authors of speculative fiction, each in different genres, giving us a look at the same theme from distinctly different points of view.
Angela Caperton gives us an erotically charged tale that spans the history of three women as a microcosm of the entire world, then takes us into the future with “Standing Stone”.
Lucy A. Snyder brings us the science fiction adventure of a strong woman with a thirst for danger and the knowledge of what she wants and just how to get it, along with a sexuality as fierce as the rest of her in “Burning Bright”.
Janne Lewis ventures into fantasy fiction, complete with fierce warrior priestesses and darkly brooding mages (along with a little magical BDSM), in “The Blessing of Desire”.
Ariel Graham explores identity and individuality, the freedom and responsibility of becoming an adult, all wrapped up in a retelling of Greek myth with some very sexy action and a decided twist in “Acts of Contrition”.
Tam McDonald draws us into dark fantasy, possibly horror for those of us more easily horrified, where we experience rebellion, self-sacrifice, and a peculiarly feminine and strangely loving fate seen through an eerie, multi-faceted lens in “My Lady of Silk and Tooth”.
Finally, in “Daughters of Time” Kaalii Cargill takes us into history to share the beginning of the end for the city of Urim and the priestesses of Inanna, the goddess of love, lust, and fertility, and their efforts to protect their future against the force of a new God, one whose name cannot be spoken.

“The Blessing of Desire”  was my first attempt at fantasy. As usual, the characters of Ardis and the Mage came first, the setting came later. I had started drafting a story about a maiden warrior and a man of magic when I saw the lengthy and wonderfully descriptive request for submissions from Drollerie Press asking for stories about the three faces of the goddess. That’s it! I thought. That’s what I need to tell my story!

You can buy the ebook from Drollerie Press.

Rekindled Fire: An Anthology of Reunited Lovers, edited by Elle Amery

I was delighted that my story  “For George” was included in this anthology exploring the theme of rediscovered passion, especially since the group includes my good friend and writing comrade, Nini Richou.  I really like the cover for the anthology–it’s romantic and moody.

In “For George”,  Grace is a novelist who is down on her luck and takes a job in the same diner where once she had a passionate affair with George, the owner’s nephew. George is now the owner of the diner, but though Grace has fond memories of him and their steamy times together, George is openly hostile to Grace. I grew up in New Jersey and spent lots of time in diners just like the one in the story, though, alas, not with anyone like George!

You can buy the anthology at Ravenous Romance.