Reviews for Pleasuring a Pirate

I got my first five cherry review at Whipped Cream Reviews! I’ll add that to the review page. And I just found a lovely review written by Judith at Book Binge. I’ll add that too!

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Blogging about my pirate inspiration

Today at Bluestockings and Knickerbockers I blog about how local New England pirate history inspired my new erotic romance Pleasuring a Pirate.

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It’s Spring and I’ve got a new book out!

Take a look at my Books page. Pleasuring a Pirate is (almost) out from Ellora’s Cave. The release date is March 30.

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I’m Not a Very Good Blogger

But here’s a new post worth posting. Romantic Times has given Roxanne’s Pirate a 4 star review! Yipee!

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Banner Photo

I cropped the banner photo to fit the size restrictions of the WordPress theme but I realized you might want to see the full uncropped photo. I’m going to use it as my avatar. Here it is:

The Kiss

Photo of The Kiss

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Amazon Author Central

I’ve got three books available through Amazon so I’ve finally gone to Amazon’s Author Central and created a Janne Lewis author page. According to Amazon it will take one week to finalize it, and then I’ll be able to add this blog to the page. How cool! I am still so new at all of this that all the things one can do to promote one’s books for free amazes me! I spent today brainstorming ideas for future blog posts both here and on B & K. Romance Divas is asking for articles too and I thought of some topics I could address there. I’m feeling good about the promotion end of things for now. But as every writer tells me, the best promotion is the next book. I’ve got an idea for an erotic romance that would be darker and more psychologically dangerous than I’ve done before. I’m a bit afraid to wade into such deep waters, but that fear tells me it’s what I have to do!

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Posted today at Bluestockings & Knickerbockers

It was my turn to introduce myself on the group blog. I’m calling myself temporarily the Duchess of Delay because I couldn’t think of a better name. Drop by and take a look at the lovely photo of Russell Crowe playing the character of Captain Jack Aubrey in the movie Master and Commander. I’ll have to blog sometime about my fascination with the Patrick O’Brian series. I think of his books as romance writing for men–though I bet a majority of his readers were women.  I’ll have to explore that theme further down the road. I’m mulling over several ideas for my next romance, but nothing has come together yet. And I still have to finish polishing up this blog–where is that blogroll? What widgets should I choose?

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