Phew! I’ve spent many hours getting this blog going and there are still vast areas of it I’ve yet to touch–like my blogroll. I’ll have to get to that in the next few days. I chose this rather naked theme because I wanted something easy to view. I wasn’t sure about the header, but it’s growing on me. I read a great article on branding by Jeannie Ruesch on Romance University (and you can read it here) and thought hard about the image I want to convey to my readers. I didn’t want something gothic or dark–I don’t see myself writing vampires or werewolves or shape shifters. I didn’t want a photograph of couples embracing–  my book covers provide plenty of that (and what could compete with the stunning bod on display for Roxanne’s Pirate?).   I found out that some of the images I was considering didn’t fit well into the space requirements WordPress sets for this theme (and  being a definite non-techie I couldn’t figure out a way around that). I went searching through the photographs on display in http://www.123rf.com (thanks to a Workshop on Romance Divas on website design which pointed the way). I considered graphics that could stand some hard cropping but nothing wowed me. And then I saw the image of a statue–two lovers embracing. These lovers are bronze so age and ethnicity and race and cultural or historical setting aren’t factors. Because I write many different kinds of sexy romance, they seemed perfect for me. I used my new found cropping skills to focus in on their expressions, on that exquisite moment that comes before a kiss.  I’ll see what stories they inspire.

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